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Study on the Quebec Forest Extractibles Industry 22nd May 2024

Quebec's economy has been driven by the forest products industry for several decades. A number of industrial sectors have developed in Quebec, while others offer untapped or underdeveloped potential. Such is the case of the forest extracts sector, which offers many opportunities for diversification into new markets. Thus, the Study on the Quebec Forest Extractibles Industry, carried out jointly by the Consortium de recherche et innovations en bioprocédés industriels au Québec (CRIBIQ), the...


The Québec Government Invests $1.15 million to Support Projects for the Conversion of Forest Biomass into Energy 24th May 2024

Quebec City, May 24, 2024 – The Quebec government has announced a three-year, $1.15 million grant to the Consortium de recherche et innovations en bioprocédés industriels au Québec (CRIBIQ) to promote innovation and pre-commercialization in the supply and conditioning of forest biomass for bioenergy production. The announcement was made by Maïté Blanchette Vézina, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry and Minister responsible for the Bas-Saint-Laurent and...


The CRIBIQ Is Seeking a Candidate for the Position of President-CEO 10th April 2024

Quebec City, April 10, 2024 – The Consortium de recherche et innovations en bioprocédés industriels au Québec (CRIBIQ) announces the start of its search for a candidate for the position of President-CEO. The CRIBIQ is looking for a visionary and dynamic leader to take the organization to new heights. With a passion for innovation and for linking research and industry, as well as an innate sense of entrepreneurship, benevolence and the ability to mobilize energies around a common...


Job Offer: Administrative Assistant 7th August 2023

Le CRIBIQ est à la recherche d'un·e adjoint·e administratif·ve à Québec. L'organisation : Nous sommes un organisme à but non lucratif qui a pour objectif de promouvoir et soutenir la réalisation de projets innovants dans les filières industrielles de la bioéconomie (agroalimentaire, bioproduits/bioprocédés industriels, environnement) pour permettre au Québec d'atteindre ses objectifs en matière d'innovation durable, d'économie circulaire et d'écoresponsabilité. Tâches et...


The CRIBIQ Awards "RSRI" Award to the 'PhytoVaLix' project by Ramo and WM at the ADRIQ's 33rd Innovation Awards Gala 27th November 2023

On November 23, 2023, the CRIBIQ had the great honour of participating in the ADRIQ's 33rd Innovation Awards Gala, in Montreal.  The 'PhytoVaLix' project by Ramo and WM, carried out in partnership with the Institut de recherche en biologie végétale (IRBV) and Polytechnique Montréal, was awarded the prize in the "Regroupements sectoriels de recherche industrielle (RSRI)" category by the CRIBIQ. This distinction underlines the exceptional dedication of the project partners...


'PhytoVaLix': The Triumph of a Collaborative Research Project Aimed At Reducing the Volumes of Leachate From Landfill Sites Using Willow Transpiration 20th November 2023

[VIDEO] In 2018, the Québec-based company Ramo, which has expertise in plant-based environmental technologies, teamed up with waste management and recycling provider WM to implement its Evaplant technology on WM's landfill site in Ste-Sophie, with the aim of reducing volumes of leachate generated by the disposal site. This collaboration, which benefited from the support of the CRIBIQ and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), as well as from the partnership...