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Development of the Accelerated Fermentation Process, Assisted by Enzimes

Young company developed by a team of Vietnamese who wishes to create a cultural and culinary fusion between their original roots and those of Quebec KLKT Inc. wishes to introduce fish sauce, a thousand-year-old condiment from their native country, to their adopted people, the curious, simple and lively Quebecers who describe themselves as "foodies". A sauce developed entirely from local, authentic, safe, superior quality ingredients (free of contaminants and heavy metals).

The company's purpose is to make authentic Asian flavours a staple of Quebec's new cuisine and to allow Quebecers to develop their taste for the complex and balanced flavour of fish sauce.

Creating a traditional Vietnamese product in fusion with their adopted country's culture and cuisine requires the company to be flexible and adaptable. No compromise on quality and flavour can be made, and their fish sauce must take into account the realities of Quebec: simplicity, practicality, ease and comfort.

Anh Nguyen


CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 30 000


Industrial participants :


*Quebec public research institutes :