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Program 2023-24 110th Call for projects

Bringing Circularity to Life in the Bioeconomy: From Envisioning to Planning

Call for projects to support feasibility studies and the planning for structuring circular economy projects

As part of the Supporting Industrial Innovations for the Transition towards a Circular Economy (SI2TEC) program deployed in November 2022, the CRIBIQ is launching a call for projects under the title "Bringing Circularity to Life in the Bioeconomy: From Envisioning to Planning", which aims to support industrial feasibility studies as well as the planning of structuring circular economy projects for the benefit of an industrial sector, a sector of activity, a territory or a community linked to the bioeconomy in Quebec.


  • To encourage the development of innovative circular economy initiatives at the level of an industrial sector of the bioeconomy, a sector of activity, a territory or a community in order to promote structuring projects in Quebec;
  • To foster partnerships and collaborations between industry players, businesses, public and private organizations, and local communities, in order to create synergies and optimize the achievement of concrete results during project implementation;
  • To promote structured and organized activities prior to the implementation of investments contributing to the circular economy.

The CRIBIQ is therefore seeking applications for feasibility studies.

The studies can take several forms, such as:

  • A study on the technological, commercial or competitive positioning of a sector related to the circular economy;
  • A study or analysis aimed at solving a problem, issue or need common to several companies in the same sector or related industrial sectors;
  • A technico-economic feasibility study or a study on the identification of a technology that would promote industrial synergies.

The submitted study may take one or more of the forms mentioned above. It may also contain a section on developing deployment strategies or on obtaining strategic data. Ultimately, the study should lead to the development of an innovation project.

Financial support:

The financial support provided consists of a grant of up to 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximal amount of $50,000 per study.

Download the 2023-2024 Applicant's Guide.

To validate the admissibility of your project in order to obtain the forms required to submit the Full Application, contact Claude Côté.

The deadline to submit the Full Application is December 15, 2023.


  • Submission of the letter of intent
    not applicable
  • Submission of the full application form
    15th December 2023
  • Fiscal year

Contact person

Claude Côté

Mr. Claude Côté

Director of Innovation
418 914-1608 215