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Student symposium 2018 — Achieving transition toward bioeconomy

From 23rd October to 24th October, 2018
Campus de l'UQTR à Drummondville - 555, boulevard de l’Université Drummondville (Québec) J2C 0R5


This 5th edition of the student symposium aimed to focus on the links between students and the industrial sector to promote their close collaboration in the development of the bio economy in Quebec. The symposium will be held on 23rd and 24th of October at the UQTR Campus in Drummondville City.

Bio economy is defined as all economic activities related to the development of production and processing of bioresources. The bio sourced products market represents about $230 billion in Canada.

This economic development is based on two principal pillars, on the one hand, academic research, which comes up with innovative ideas about possible applications and explores a diverse number of areas including energy, materials, chemical products, environment and food production. On the other hand, enterprises which allow the implementation of these ideas into the Quebec economy. These two bodies need to increase their interactions to make the transition toward the new paradigm of bio economy. As an intermediation organization, the CRIBIQ offer exchange opportunities. Through actions like this symposium, projects related to the development of the future bio economy, including their challenges and their achievements, can be discussed.


The goals of this symposium are to:

  • Allow students to recognize their strengths and assets to better identify their role in the development of the bio economy;
  • Allow students to develop their ability to popularize their research in an industrial context;
  • Allow students to make themselves known to their future employers;
  • Allow industrial partners to explore the potential of succession;
  • Bring together the main players in the bio economy of Quebec.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at the following address: colloque.etudiant@cribiq.qc.ca











We also wish to thank the following companies for their contributions:

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